Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sewing Tuesday: Hawaiian Flowers.

We are going to a Hawaiian themed party on Wednesday so I've been cutting out Hawaii style flowers from felt to decorate our outfits with. I figured out a nifty way of cutting them out so I thought I'd share it!
You might want to try it on a piece of scrap paper first as a practice.

Step 1.
Get a square of felt about how big you want the flower to be.
Draw four lines, one from the middle of each edge like in the picture below.

Step 2.
Cut along these lines so that you have 4 flappy corners.

Step 3.
Cut each flappy corner in to a heart shape like in the picture below.

You're done!

Try out a few different colours and sizes, try decorating them with stitches and beads. You could sew them on to clothes, wear them in your hair or sew them in a long string for a garland necklace. 
I'm going to decorate them and sew them on to our 'T' shirts for the party. I'll post a picture when I'm all finished.
See you soon!


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