Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sewing Tuesday: Creature Christmas Pudding Outfit.

Hi! This week, I made this Christmas pudding outfit for Blue Creature. Here's how to make your own!

You will need:

Step 1.
Cut out the felt pieces!
Draw around your creature on the paper, draw around him a bit bigger than he actually is. Make sure you leave gaps in your line where his ears are. 

Cut out the paper shape and pin it to the brown felt. Cut around it. Do this twice as you'll need two.

Here they are cut out:

Take the paper pattern and draw a circle for the face hole. Draw a wiggly line across like mine for the stuff that is dribbled over the pudding. 

Cut along the dribbly line so you have this shape:

Pin it to the cream felt and cut around it so you get this:

On what's left of the paper pattern, cut out the face hole so you have this rainbow-type shape.

Pin it to the cream felt and cut around it so you get this shape:

Cut out two berries and a double holly leaf shape from the red and green felt. Ooh it looks like an angry monster face!

Here are the shapes you should have:

Step 2. 
Sewing the cream and brown bits together.
Put the cream felt piece with the face hole cut out on to one of the brown felt shapes. Use the cream felt as a guideline to draw the face hole on the brown felt. The pencil line might need drawing over a few times so that you can see it.

Cut it out so that it looks like this:

Sew the cream felt pieces on to the brown felt pieces around the edge using over stitch. I used brown thread so that you can see where I've sewn. You can use cream thread if you have it, to hide your stitches.
Here's what they should look like:

Here's how you sew the dribbly bits:

Step 3.
Sew the beads on to the front piece of the outfit, the piece with the face hole. Start with a knot on the wrong side and come up to the right side, pop a bead on to your needle like in the picture, then pull your thread all the way through. Go back through to the wrong side right next to where you came up.

You can just keep one bit of thread to do all of the beads, don't pull it too tight though or it'll scrunch up the felt. Here's what the back of mine looked like:

Here's what it looks like with all of the beads on:

Step 4. 
Sewing the two halves together.
Put the front piece with the face hole on top of the back piece. Make sure that you can see both of the cream dribbly shapes facing out.
Pin the rainbow-type pattern piece from earlier on top of the cream felt like in the picture below. This will help you leave the holes for your creatures ears to pop through.
I drew green dots over the bits to leave open so that they are easy for you to see. 
Sew around the outfit with over stitch, make sure you leave the bottom open so that the creature can get in! Again you can use cream thread to sew over the cream parts if you want to hide your stitches.

Step 5.
Sew the holly leaves and berries on with a few stitches. I used my stitches to give the berries little eyes, you can use red thread if you don't want to see the stitches.

All done!

Happy sewing! 
Show me your sewing here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sewingtuesday/ 

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  1. great idea having a creature to dress up, fromles