Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sewing Tuesday: Evil Witchy Mouse: Part Two.

Hi! Here's part two!

Step 3.
The Body.
Fold your mouse body in half so that it looks the same shape as the pattern piece again. Put a pin through to hold it still. Sew up the curved edge with over stitch with your green thread like in the picture below. Don't sew up the bottom!

Stuff the body with your stuffing, use a pencil to get it right up to the nose end.

Draw a circle around the bottom of the mouse body on what's left of your green felt. Cut the circle out. This is the base.

Turn the body upside down and place the base circle on like this:

Sew half way around the base like I am in the picture below.

Pop in the two pence piece and then finish sewing around.

This is what you should have: 

Hooray! That was easy right?

Step 4. 
Decorating the mouse with mouse features!
Fold the ears in half like mine in the picture, pin them so they stay in half. Ooh it's a bit fiddly this bit, ask someone to help you if you need to.

Put a stitch through the ears in black thread, don't worry you won't be able to see the thread in the end as she'll have a hat on! Place the ears where you want them and go through the mouse coming out where you want the eye to be. Like the picture below. Pop a bead on to the needle now.

Go through the mouse with the needle to where the other eye is going to be. Pop the other bead on to the needle. This picture below explains what I mean:

Go back through the mouse to the back of the ears again. Pull the thread nice and tight so that the beady eyes sink in to the felt. Knot your thread on top of the ears.

Step 5.
The witchy bits.
Fold your hat piece in half and put a pin through to keep it still. If you want to you can cut a curve in the open side of the hat like I have in the picture below. You don't have to do this bit but I think it makes the hat look more witchy! Sew up the open side. Don't sew up the bottom!

Stuff some stuffing in to the hat. keep some of the stuffing hanging out, this makes the witchy hair.

Put some glue on the back of the mouse's head around the ears where the hat is going to go. Press the hat on to the mouse's head, hold it on til it's dryish.

Get the cape shape. Ooh it rhymes. Cape shape.
Spread some glue on the top part like this:

Pop the mouse on to the cape where you want it and wrap up the sides. Nearly done!

Put a little dab of glue along about 2cm of the ribbon, lay the mouse on top like you did with the cape. Bring the ends of the ribbon to the front of the mouse and tie a pretty bow!

Here she is! A friendly little witchy mouse.

You could make a little broom out of a bundle of sticks and some ribbon, maybe find a conker shell she could use as a cauldron! 
Show me your sewing here: I'd love to see!
See you next time! Have a happy Hallowe'en!

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  1. I would have to hide her from my cats ! A unique mouse Holly. Thank you for showing us how to make her :)